iJAS International Joint Accreditation Award Ceremony - The Taipei Event Ringing Down the Curtain


The “iJAS International Joint Accreditation Project” has been promoted by TWAEA (Taiwan Assesssment and Evaluation Association) and JUAA (Japan University Accreditation Association), with the first participation of Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science from Taiwan and Akita International University from Japan. Both universities fully demonstrate an active attitude towards internationalization throughout the accreditation process.

In order to publicly award the first batch of schools that have received international certification, TWAEA took the lead to hold the iJAS International Joint Accreditation Award Ceremony at the Taipei Mayor's Residence Art Salon on 26th October 2019. In addition to the award ceremony, a topic forum “Thriving in the Era of International Competition and Low Birth Rate: Key Strategies for the Success of Higher Education” was also conducted.

Besides the representatives of promotion agencies, Dr. Kenji Yokoyama (Vice President of Ritsumeikan University), Dr. Hong-Chu Chen (President of Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science), Dr. Norihiko Suzuki (President of Akita International University), Mr. Kazuki Matsubara (Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association), and many other Taiwanese and Japanese education scholars were invited to attend. At the forum, diverse talk dialogues and exchanges were ignited to provide innovative strategies for higher education and encourage universities to continue to move forward in the rapidly changing environment. During the event, the development of higher education appraisal was also inspected, while the participating representatives were reminded to build a self-improvement mechanism to carry out global cooperation in line with the international higher education trends.

Looking ahead, the iJAS International Joint Accreditation will not only provide assistance to universities in Taiwan and Japan, but will also actively support Asian countries in implementing concrete improvement in terms of students’ learning effectiveness, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of Asian countries and building an economy in which Asian countries co-exist and flourish.

The president of Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science and the president of Akita International University receive the certificate from Dr. Shen-Li Fu (Chairman of TWAEA) and Dr. Kyosuke Nagata (President of JUAA)

Group photo of guests attending the iJAS International Joint Accreditation Award Ceremony

TWAEA has worked hard to promote the professional knowledge and skill related to accreditation and also the provision of accreditation services. To enhance the quality in higher education is always the mission of TWAEA. In recent years, TWAEA not only has started to join the members of the international accreditation organizations, but also worked closely with professional associations in Japan, Thailand, Europe, Russia, New Zealand, Croatia, Hong Kong and Macau for further cooperation.