After cooperating with Japan University Accreditation Association (JUAA) and Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assurance Assessment (ONESQA) for International Joint Accreditation, Taiwan Assessment and Evaluation Association (TWAEA) has worked actively to expand its cooperation in Europe, the “Taiwan-German International Joint Accreditation” with Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) was then planned and implemented.

On 29th of Nov., 2018, Mr. Lars Weber, Head of FIBAA’s Office of International Affairs, was invited to share the characteristics of European higher education and the benefits of "Taiwan-German International Joint Accreditation" with schools in Taiwan under the theme “From Taiwan’s Higher Education to European Higher Education". Mr. Weber is experienced in international joint certification and program accreditation; he hopes that Taiwan’s higher education can be more internationalized through these exchanges and communications.

FIBAA is a quality assurance association jointly run by universities and industrial associations from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In addition to be one of the internationally recognized accreditation associations, FIBAA is also recognized by "Akkreditierungsrat". FIBAA has been established for 25 years, with the exception of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, its international accreditation scope covers 24 countries. At present, its main business areas include Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East with more than 2,000 degree programs. In recent years, FIBAA’s accreditation has become an indicator of the quality of education for students, industries and society, and it has enjoyed prestige in Europe and many other countries.

TWAEA and FIBAA’s "Joint Accreditation" is similar with current Institutional Accreditation; the institution itself is seen as the accreditation unit and the accreditation validity is 6 years for the first time and 8 years if it is reaccredited. Once the institution is accredited, it not only can enhance its international status, but also strengthen the international competitiveness. Moreover, the quality of institution operation can be improved with stronger motivation for the movement of global talents; in the meanwhile, the opportunities for the exploration of sister universities, overseas programs and Joint-degree Programs can all be included. Then to further expand the international market and recruit students from Europe and other places.

Numbers of institutions are interested in learning more about the accreditation standards and the benefits after being accredited. TWAEA shall open up more new opportunities for “International Joint Accreditation” with outstanding accreditation associations to assist the institutions in becoming more internationalized.

TWAEA has worked hard to promote the professional knowledge and skill related to accreditation and also the provision of accreditation services. To enhance the quality in higher education is always the mission of TWAEA. In recent years, TWAEA not only has started to join the members of the international accreditation organizations, but also worked closely with professional associations in Japan, Thailand, Europe, Russia, New Zealand, Croatia, Hong Kong and Macau for further cooperation.