Ministry of Education suspended the evaluation of colleges and universities in 2017; the quality assurance mechanism of higher education in Taiwan has then changed from the "government-oriented" to "voluntary", only if it can meet the institution’s needs. The institution can establish the teaching quality assurance mechanism based on its own needs, and the institution can rely on a credible third party to conduct the external evaluation to regularly review the teaching effectiveness and ensure the quality of the institution.

On 3rd of April, 2018, Chairman Fe from TWAEA was invited by JinWen University of Science and Technology (JUST) to give a special lecture on the issues as challenges faced by current higher education, transformation of evaluation system and the quality assurance service promoted by TWAEA under the title "Planning a New Future for Institutions and Marching to Five New University". The implementation procedures, schedule, and value-added services of the “Higher Education Quality Certification Project” were also clearly explained during the lecture. The president, vice-president, chief secretary, heads from administration and teaching units and faculties of JUST participated in the whole lecture; enthusiastic and active discussions were held after the lecture to reach consensus for quality assurance works of the departments/institutes in JUST.

The main feature of "Higher Education Quality Certification Project" is based on the institution's vision and development goals to review the relevant procedures of the department/institute's characteristics and quality assurance. This is to understand the degree to which the department has achieved the set of goals and implementation results; in the future, TWAEA will assist JUST to carry out IQA (Internal Quality Assurance) through several seminars with diverse themes. It is believed that with the implementation and improvement of teaching quality assurance mechanism, JUST will be more distinctive and competitive.

TWAEA has worked hard to promote the professional knowledge and skill related to accreditation and also the provision of accreditation services. To enhance the quality in higher education is always the mission of TWAEA. In recent years, TWAEA not only has started to join the members of the international accreditation organizations, but also worked closely with professional associations in Japan, Thailand, Europe, Russia, New Zealand, Croatia, Hong Kong and Macau for further cooperation.